Indians are fond of their goldjewellery, that is for sure. The steady rise in the prices of gold notwithstanding, there has been very little decline in the purchase of gold coins and jewellery. Gold coins and jewellery are an absolute must-purchase during weddings, for personal use as well as for the purpose of gifting. Thanks to the religious connotations of gold, it is an essential purchase on occasions like AkshayaTritiya and Dhanteras. The major sentiment behind such purchases of gold isits consideration as a form of investment, as an asset that can be sold during difficult times, as a safeguard for their futures. However, the creation of investmentsneed not be the one and only purpose of buying gold.

In this article, we attempt to look at the purchase of gold beyond the purpose of investments.

Gold jewellery, like any other jewellery, is meant to be worn

The main function of jewellery is to be worn, to adorn the wearer. Gold jewellery is no exception. It is an asset, yes, but it is an asset that can be worn. However, considering the increasing number of cases of theft of gold jewellery and incidents of chain snatching, most owners are too scared to flaunt their jewellery. They would rather keep it safe behind lock and key, either in their homes or bank lockers.


This is where low-karat, comparatively less expensive, jewellery comes in.

The popularity of 18-karat and 14-karat gold jewellery is on the rise in India, and several jewellers have taken this as an opportunity to launch ‘affordable jewellery’ collections. 9-karat gold jewellery, quite in vogue in the UK, is slowly catching up in popularity in India as well.

Indian women, both in big cities and in suburban areas, are gradually opening up to the fact that lesser-karatage gold is immensely wearable, less expensive and less risky than wearing 22-karat gold jewellery. Lower-karatage gold is also available in a variety of trendy designs that one need not spend a bomb on buying! What’s more, such jewellery is comparatively less ‘yellow’ than 22-karat gold, perfect for women who do not love the bling or who are looking for jewellery that they can safely and comfortably wear to work or while travelling.

Low-karatage goldalso makes for a great setting for diamonds. Choose low-karatage gold, and you can own a piece of diamond jewellery without burning a deep hole in your pocket!


There has been a shift in perspective, as far as buying gold is concerned.

Gold jewellery of lowerkaratage is perfect for the modern-day Indian woman, who is looking for trendy, yet wearable jewellery. Aesthetics is just as important to this woman as her budget is. A  modern-day woman, on an average, is likely to pick up a piece of gold jewellery if she likes the designand it fits her pocket size, irrespective of what the karatage is. Gold is no longer just an investment that needs to be kept under lock and key, some experts believe.

Earlier, the purchase of gold used to be aonce-in-a-lifetime thing, for weddings and similar special occasions, and its karatage was a big, big factor to be considered. That is not the case now, say certain experts. Today, there are a whole lot of occasions where one needs to wear jewellery – from kitty parties to fancy dinners– necessitating that a womanhave several pieces of jewellery in her case to pull out from time to time. An average modern-day woman would rather buy several pieces of low-karatage gold jewellery that she can wear to different occasions, thana single piece of heavy, 22-karat jewellery that she would find really uncomfortable wearing.


Investing only in gold is no longer a great option

Experts are of the opinion that, today, investing only in gold is not really a great idea. Rather, theyadvocate investing in multiple things, gold being only a part of one’s investment portfolio.

It is, therefore, not advisable to invest all of one’s savings in gold. Instead of blocking one’s funds in this manner, why not buy low-karatage jewellery and invest surplus savings in options like property and stocks?


There is no doubt about the fact that gold jewellery has now begun to be looked atwith different eyes. The perspective of buyers, on an average, has changed, when it comes to buying gold jewellery. It is no longer just an investment.