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Gold earrings under 5000

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Buy Gold earrings under INR 5000 Online

Some things are eternal. Such things do not lose their appeal with time and continue to mesmerize with beauty. Gold is one such metal that has lived up to the trust of people with its shine, style, beauty and sturdiness. Irrespective of whether you like trendy outfits or swear by traditional Kanjeevaram, it is difficult to go wrong with gold ornaments.

Gold can be molded into small and beautiful earrings jewelery that do not pinch the pocket badly. Small and delicate gold earrings under 5000 make a perfect gift for new born babies and kids. If you wish to gift somebody on a baby shower party or on welcoming a new child amongst friends and relatives, these earrings fit the occasion perfectly. Gold earrings under 10000 come in various beautiful shapes and sizes. Before you make a choice, make sure you keep in mind the occasion and also your own facial cutting.

For small gold earring under 15000  for personal use or for gifting, the options are numerous at Zomint. All earrings are made from 23-24 carat gold and are extremely trendy and lightweight.

At Zomint, we value customer satisfaction at the highest level. We maintain transparency regarding the pricing structure as well as about the materials used. We only use the finest quality hallmark gold to make your earrings so that you getcomplete value for your money.

We offer the fastestonline jewelry delivery inIndia and have a 100% secure payment system. When you order with us, we provide you with free insured shipping so that you receive a well packaged product whose quality is not compromised with, under any circumstances. You can check discounts and offers available from time to time.

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