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Wedding Nosepins

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Wedding Nose Pins Online

From thousands of designs available, choose the one that matches your stature!

Nose rings in Indian tradition hold a significance that is beyond just embellishment. There is an immense variety that can be found in the types of wedding nose pins online in India. Traditionally the nose pin was symbolic with a sign of married women. The nose ring trend did not originate in India; it was brought by the Middle East in 16th century. However we soon adopted it and the differing cultures of this country have led to a difference in the style of nose pins that are worn by Indian brides in various regions. Among the online wedding nose pins available, there is are a plethora of styles. Have a look below at the different styles of wedding nose pins online that Zomint has to offer –

Nathni - It is a popular hoop nose ring from the western Indian states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. Usually made of gold, the large hoop is sometimes decorated with a little precious or semi-precious gemstone and connected with the hair with a long delicate chain.

Stud - Minimal and simplistic! For the brides who want to go traditional, the Konkani Stud is absolutely a wonder with just the perfect embellishment of gemstones.

Diamond Nose Stud - Buy diamond nose pin online with Zomint. The diamond nose stud consists of 2 or 3 diamonds set in a cluster. A very rare and unique design for the stunning bride!

Gemstone Nose pins - Studded with multi colored gemstones, very popular among the North Indian brides! Traditionally, it is made of gold and studded with a pearl or a turquoise but modern versions tend to be more experimental with other colorful gems.

Zomint brings jewellery shopping to your doorstep!

We are an online jewellery shopping store offering clients to buy wedding nose pins casted in designs that are captivating. Our nose pins collection sports gemstones that range from emerald, sapphire, and amethyst, ruby and of course the matchless diamond! We give more reasons to shop with us –

  • ●   The gemstones that we incorporate in our jewellery are of finest quality and are handpicked by our experts.
  • ●   Our jewellery is 100% authentic and we guarantee the same with certification from known laboratories.
  • ●   We also offer a money-back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with our products.
  • ●   Our payment gateways are 100% secure, we offer net banking / credit card / debit card options.

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